Start your creator journey on Crater.Club

Keep streaming and grow your audience to become eligible for the Crater Affiliate program.

step 1
planet 1

Crater Onboarding

The first step is a call with our team to walk you through the product, answer questions & just get to know each other.

step 2
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It Begins!

Start by setting up your first live stream to interact with your new community & start growing your audience.

step 3
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Stream Everywhere

From Crater, you will have the ability to stream live across all social media platforms at the same time.

step 4
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Explore Analytics

Post your stream you will be given access to an analytics dashboard with the ability to email your followers, see detailed metrics & improve your content.

step 5
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New day, New Stream

Complete 2 streams on two different days, to unlock a whole new set of perks that are set up to aid you in your journey.

step 6
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Amplified Distribution

Once you complete 2 streams you are eligible for amplified distribution. Whereby, you will get a dedicated manager to help spread the word & grow your audience.

step 7
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Your Own TV Show

Get the ability to set up your own TV series once you complete 6 hrs of streaming. Our content team will help you best optimize your content for max engagement & awareness.

step 8
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Launch an Auction

Alongside your TV show, you have the ability to launch an auction. It works like an IPL auction but to monetize content, time & communities.

step 9
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Crater Affiliate

Once you complete 10 streams in 10 days, you become eligible for our affiliate program. Get access to brand sponsorships, dedicated content teams & much more.