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Get Discovered

People come to crater to tune into content related to finance, design, Web 3, marketing & other professional fields. Consequently, if you are a budding creator in these fields it helps you get discovered by the right audience.

Stream Everywhere

Stream Everywhere

With Crater you have the ability to go live on multiple social media platforms as well. Thereby, engaging your current community while also building a new community of viewers on CraterClub.

Analyse Data

Analyse Data

Our analytics dashboard helps you create better content & engage your audience. From suggesting what topics to create content on to what is the completion rate & emails of your followers, everything is made available to you.

Launch Auctions

Launch Auctions

Professionals want to monetize time, content, goods & communities. With Crater you can host private auctions & get the price for everything from the art you create on a stream to the discord community that you are building up.


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